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'Got Milk?' 'Pork-The Other White Meat' etc.; it is time critical the Museum industry embraces a 'one-for-all, all-for-one' marketing initiative.                                   
Our Museums, Art, and Cultural destinations are possibly the public's greatest 'REAL' resource; .Museums411

Grant Cottage

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Los Angeles County Museum of Art

David Hockney Exhibit

Munson-Williams-Proctor Arts Institute

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In the Year of the Museumeer™ (Myo͞o-zē′ə-mēer'), it is only natural we go national.  With over 5000 Museums, USA MUSEUMS above is the largest, publicly accessible coverage of 7 states. DUE to overwhelming help, an additional 30.000+ Museums are being proofed and posted every day. Thx!        Coming soon: Museumeer™ ecode-Card, event calendar, blog, game, and dedicated App!  

          KING TUT: Treasures of the Golden Pharaoh

                    Presented by: The California Science Center 

                           Mar 24, 2018 - Jan 6, 2019; for Tour Info: 

King Tut
King Tut
King Tut
King Tut
King Tut

Museums411 is developing real-time, categorized, geo-based mobile apps to inspire mass awareness, generate interaction, and expand Museumeer REALtime reviews; Museum, Art, & Science venues themselves will elevate all to greater appreciation.   ...founders Rich Z. & Mark B.


  • Museums411 is 100% dedicated to assisting all efforts that increase Museum awareness, visits,  and sustainability. At the relative beginning of the Digital Age it is imperative we preserve all of the historical, artistic, cultural, scientific, and natural worlds which defines our time.

  • Becoming a Museumeer™ represents the best opportunity for like-minded peoples to raise Museum awareness through local support, national accessibility, and user savings.

  • Museumeer™ participation is recognized as helping to preserve and protect the historical, cultural, natural, and artistic Institutions entrusted to us all. Increasing our Millennial Museum and Art Footprint for the generations should be our collective mission. 

  • Becoming Museumeer™ means you also recognize the importance Museums have in personal, family, and multi-cultural appreciation. Museums are THE marker that defines a healthy, thriving, self-aware society. 

  • The TMX Card or SaveaMuseum e-Code savings App is recognized at 100's of Museums and at 1000's of local, national, and merchant destinations and entertainment venues (as of March 2018,  350,000+ USA Places2Do™); more added daily! For savings on outdoor/indoor fun, dining, local foods, shopping, travel, entertainment, golf, recreation, skiing, travel vouchers, etc. Your, or your organization's, participation helps all parties improve the Total Museumeer Xperience™.

  • Today's Museums are ours to lose, save, or improve. Our geo-based Museum and Art routing App. is coming soon. With Museums411 and the best is JUST AHEAD!




Save The Art Demonstration outside the Berkshire Museum Oct 28, 2017 

The TMXperience is the icing on a Museum day  


Museums411 is working hard to improve your TMXperience. Museums411 is turning the American Press Media team loose to cover Museums and Art venues near and far. Adding to the worlds largest collection of geo-located NYS Museums and public Libraries, our savings based TMXperience is just a few clicks away from being REAL! Using our smartphone e-code apps and, see all a community has to offer for Museums, events, food, entertainment, shopping, music, galleries, adventure, etc. Helpful savings await all card or e-code carrying Museumeers™!


APS411 Agents and Interns work tirelessly providing visitors, Museumeers, TMXcard and e-code holders with an ever-increasing number of Places2DO™, values to appreciate, and dates to mark! In NYS alone there are 3300+ Museums and public Libraries listed and mapped to help propagate the excitement, knowledge, and individual meaning in this huge world of 21st. century Museums, Galleries, Institutions, sites, etc

                                                FOUNDERS 2018 BRIEF


The digital age succeeds in the real world products and enhancements it brings to our society; a great loss would be irreversible harm to the many Museums including; Art, History, Science, Aquariums, Zoos, nature centers, children Museums, Historical Societies and sites, etc., dedicated to their preservation and presentation. An even greater loss would be a world deprived of the same centers of curiosity and creativity, the heart of American success and prosperity. The unique missions of Museums have never been more important to the perpetuation of society, culture, and/or creativity than today. Museums give the public the opportunity to stand before man's greatest; achievements, Art, History, etc.. Museums are icons to man’s greatest accomplishment; for individual growth, they cannot be neglected.  


Museums411 primary mission is to leverage our inclusive R&D and infrastructure, digital age tools, and working databank to make current Museum information (411) consistently more accurate and available. By substantially improving; cognitive awareness, mobile mapping access (routing), and social feedback new markets become reachable. Specifically leveraging savings, promotions, and searches make these experiences more likely shared via social networking apps, making Museums 'REALtime' accessible and more exciting to today's networked audience.  Awareness, incentives, and savings apps keep our programs in the hands of mobile users, Museumeer’s, and in the digital app marketplace.  Also, moduplexingour Museum centered vortal with; public Libraries, local Artisans, corporate sponsors, merchants, service providers, event promoters, etc. exponentially increases REALtime info. and venue exposure, ultimately leading to additional user experiences. Our site reciprocation program and multi-tiered capitalization can immediately provide measurable, sustainable digital solutions for; successful Museums, thriving community, and a continuously evolving Museum industry.



Museums for the Ages... solution in hand!


 In the last 16 years, the driving principles of Museums411 have observed much of the Museum Industry strive to effectively understand how the digital/internet revolution would affect their Historical, Cultural, and Artistic appeal. At that time many Institutions adopted different internet directions: a.) guarded strategies assuming patrons would visit their site instead of their Museum b.) expensive full-blown websites that may be difficult to find, hence costly to justify c.) or, a well-meaning member’s nephew “Steve” designed a nice site but is difficult to maintain & update, especially after “Steve” moved to Silicon Valley. The term Information Age, our Age, hopefully to be in the technology section of a History Museum someday, underscores the importance of a collective solution today for our Museum Industry!



Photo by Skye Zagorski

In today's virtual World, it is not just Theory: "Every Museum Counts" EMC, Visit a Museum today, YOU and YOURS will be glad you did!.

You don't have to be a genius to know, EVERY Museum is "Relative". Museums, Historical Societies & Cultural Institutions are the KEEPERS of our Historical and Cultural proof; Art, relics, documents, artifacts, and stories that have been passed down from the past. Do not let our Institutions go by the wayside to be forgotten by future generations. "They" should know, understand, and ultimately enjoy all they have to offer, all they represent. Take yourself, family, friends to a Museum near you and SEE what you have been missing, everyone will be glad you did. Understanding OUR History and Culture is a major key to unlocking future doors.  Remember, today's Institutions need your help to continue to enrich the lives of future generations.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                              FIND AL? ASK AL.

Want an idea of what a particular museum has in store for the children of the group? The searching ends here! Skye, our Kid’s Corner editor, shares her experiences and opinions about the children-based parts of the museum. From pictures, to ideas of what activities to partake in, Skye fills us in on what’s a thumbs up and a thumbs down in each museum.  

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  • Helping Museums411 'feed' our sites with individual Museum and Art venue information enables our marketing program to; achieve critical-mass social networking, provide live event updates for dynamic routing apps*, increase visitation via incentives, games, find-it fun, and provide the Museum and Art world the best opportunity to finally ride the digital wave. 
  • Unfortunately, NO Museum is immune to the actions, or even worse, the inaction of those directly charged with diligently promoting their trust. Promoting your trust in any forum is critically essential. 
  • Museums411 Directors heading to California to oversee the expansion and to work with CA Agents.  
  • Museums411 believes the opposite coast Museums of NYS & CA to be the diversified markers of the US Museum industry and should verify the major issues that today challenge our national Institutions.

  • Site visitors have requested information on Museum handicap accessibility. ADA conformity and wheelchair reports will be part of the Museums411 and travel reports. 

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