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   To totally enhance your ever improving experience, Museums411 has officially commissioned the American Press Service ( to additionally cover local; events, exhibits, and accessible Artisans! Adding to the WORLD's LARGEST public representation of New York State's geo-located Museums and public Libraries, APS will continuously provide viewers and TMX Cardholders ( with an ever increasing number of Places2Do(tm) and values to appreciate!  Throughout the State of New York, 3300+ Museums and public Libraries are already listed and geo-mapped for open, public use. The Museums411 portal for PC, Apple, Android, iOS users will be expanded and updated on an industrial level; changing the way we see our world-class, world-destination, Historical&Cultural Institutions! 

  We are in the final steps of fine tuning the WORLD'S LARGEST NYS Museum/Library Portal! We will soon launch the TMX Savings Card and Artisan GiftShops. Turning the Historical, Art, & Cultural world right-side up, Museums411 will be hosting and co-sponsoring all TMX Merchants & TMX Cardholder's FREE use of Artisan GiftShops. ALL Artisan Sales & Commissioned works through 2017 will not be charged; donations to your hosting Museum(s) are appreciated and the unequaled value socially networked by TMX Cardholders.

  ATTN. COMMUNITY ADVOCATES: Merchants. Service Providers, and PLaces2DOtm! 


Check out what a TMX Savings Card Membership will do for you! CLICK on the TMX menu for more information about the TMX Savings Card OR CLICK on Artisan GiftShops to check out the benefits of being part of the TMX program! You can sign-up while YOUR page is being worked on. It is easy to promote YOUR Artisan store w/all the benefits of; secure sales, auctions, donations, classifieds, rentals, barters, etc!  We will be mass-marketing TMX Cards throughout NYS Museums, Libraries, communities and community organizations in the very near future. When you register with Artisan Giftshops we will email your network updates and insider news with more; Museums, Libraries, Artisans, Merchants, Events, and more... Places2Do(tm)!

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