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There are more than 100 Museums to visit in the Adirodack region of New York.

What a beautiful part of New York State with all its lakes and mountains, to enjoy along with all the history this region has to offer.

There is a great assortment of Museums and Historical Houses to visit in the Capital District Region of New York.

Some of the Houses and Historic Sites date back to the 1700's Enjoy the  diverse mix of Musems in this region. 

The Catskill Region has a great assortment of Art Museums  and Historical Sites that will keep you coming back.

The Chautauqua Region has assorted mix of Museums like the Lucy-Desi Museum and the Seneca Iroquois National Museum. 

The Finger Lakes Region Museums has more Museums and Historical Sites than any other Region except for NYC Region.  There is a Museum that will surely be one of your favorites.

The Hudson Region Museums Region have some great mansions and home  of many of the Wealthy industrialists and business men that help form this nation. Check out FDR's Library Musem or the Vanderbilt Mansion.  Stop and visit the Hudson Valley Children's Museum.

The Leatherstocking Region Museums tell about early history along the Mohawk River in the early and mid 1700's.  Learn how this region was vital to westward expansion to our Manifest Destiny

The Long Island Region Museums and Historical sites will show you the early settlement of Long Island along with many nautical sites, Historic Mansions, and lighthouses. 

The New York City Region Museums have some of the best in the world and in its 5 Boroughs there is a plethora of Museums that will keep you coming back for more.

The Greater Niagara Region Museums make up many different museums, everything from Science, Art, nautical, Zoos and much more. They are all there waiting for you visit.

The Thousand Islands Region has plenty of nautical theme Museums and Historical Sites, to make  great memories for the whole family.  So make sure to stop in and see what theis region has to offer.

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